Customized payment solutions for your business needs.
Pay your suppliers, charge your customers, pay your payroll, among others.

Mobile Wallet Providers

Does your mobile wallet have what it takes to compete head on with major brands?

PMI can help you enhance your present mobile wallet or build one from the ground up. Coupled with a Visa or Mastercard, PMI’s “super wallet” is designed to offer your customers a one-stop payments ecosystem, while improving your customer’s lifetime value.

In partnership with the leading issuing partners in the countries we operate in, PMI’s “super wallet” not only will address and deliver your own specific needs, but it is also integrated with a marketplace full of value-added services, including:

  • Payment Services: Mobile top-up, utilities, subscriptions, electronic PINs, etc.
  • Insurance: Life, Vehicle, Medical, Accident, etc.
  • Financial: Micro loans, Savings, Investments
  • Transfers: Intra and cross border peer to peer
  • Loyalty: plans specifically tailored to each consumer segment

Local Pay-Outs

Are you paying your international contractors on time, or are you exposed to Foreign Exchange risk, and hidden fees?

PMI’s extensive network of global payment solutions offers you localized payments in over 90 countries in multiple currencies. Your payments will take place in near real time, at pre-defined fees, and at the most competitive foreign exchange rates in the market. Our global banking partners are constantly subject to extensive technical and financial due diligence, guaranteeing you all KYC and compliance requirements, as well as assurances of timely stress-free payments through the respective central banks’ settlement systems in the countries we operate in. PMI’s APIs are also available for mass pay out solutions.

Our Pay-Out rates

Payment Amount(USD)Our Flat Fee (USD)
$20.00 to $200.00$5.00
$200.01 to $500.00$10.00
$500.01 and over$15.00

Local Payment Collections

Are you generating international revenues and have difficulty in collecting and repatriating these funds? Are you up to date with local regulations that may impede the smooth flow of these collections back to you? Are you getting the best exchange rates for these foreign currencies?

Today’s digital payments technology is allowing service providers across the world to extend their customers base across all geographic borders, bringing consumers across the globe the benefits of a global marketplace.

However, collecting local payments from sales contracts or services may prove to be very complex across so many boundaries.

PMI understand this business very well, and it is helping global service providers extend their global reach by providing the ability to collect their funds in over 30 currencies. PMI will also make sure that these funds are aggregated into the right bank account that will allow for the cross-border payment back to you.

PMI’s legal and regulatory advisors are continuously monitoring the evolving regulatory environment of cross-border payments allowing us to tailor make a solution for each of our customers so that their cross border busines can thrive without undue risk.

Branded Debit Card Programs

Would you like to extend your brand to new markets and provide your customers with a broader portfolio of payment services?

In partnership with leading issuing banks PMI today has card issuing agreements in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia, and soon Brazil. With your own branded pre-paid debit card program you can extend the value of your brand in these markets while also adding considerable value to your clients with the multiple benefits that a PMI white label program offers as described in our “mobile wallet providers” offering.

Ready to go beyond? Let us show you what we can do for your business.