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Navigating New Risks: Building Resilience in Cross-Border Payments Industry by Alex Pereira

The cross-border payment industry is rapidly evolving, and with this progress come new risks and challenges that businesses must overcome to succeed in this space. One of the most significant dangers facing businesses in the cross-border payment industry is the threat of fraud and cybercrime. In this article, we will explore the new risks and […]

Our CEO Alex Pereira appears in the Top 100 People in Finance Magazine

Since 2019, when he founded PMI Americas Group, Alex Pereira has been providing consulting services and payment solutions to thousands of people in Latin America and around the globe. With locations in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Spain, and the U.S., he has the ability to connect with local financial institutions in these countries while working closely with international business partners to create and implement customized payment strategies.

PMI Americas among the Leaders of innovation technology in Mexico, according to NEWSWEEK

PMI Americas is a leading financial technology company focused on payment solutions and business innovation. PMI, headquartered in Mexico, provides services throughout LATAM, the US, and Europe, from local offices in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Lima, Montevideo, and London.

PMI Américas Selects ThetaRay for its Advanced Transaction Monitoring Solution AI-powered SaaS solution will boost PMI revenue opportunities and customer service

MEXICO CITY, TEL AVIV and NEW YORK, May 10, 2022 – ThetaRay, a leading provider of AI-powered transaction monitoring technology, today announced that PMI Américas, a leading global payment services provider, has chosen ThetaRay’s AI-based SONAR SaaS solution to monitor global cross-border payments on PMI’s platform. SONAR’s ability to detect the earliest signs of sophisticated […]

PMI Américas se afianza como opción de pagos y cobranzas internacionales para empresas chilenas.

  • Siguiendo la tendencia Fintech, esta plataforma utiliza la tecnología para optimizar sus procesos operacionales, brindando, en este caso, la habilidad de realizar pagos y cobranzas transfronterizos con gran agilidad y confiabilidad, a empresas chilenas que exportan o prestan servicios en el extranjero. Una nueva alternativa de pagos se está consolidando en el mercado […]

PMI AMERICAS partners with PIPIT GLOBAL to expands services across Latam and North America.

Pipit Global and leading global payment services provider PMI Americas have partnered to bring mutual extension of the companies’ global networks and provision of services. The agreement will see Pipit extend its cash payments offerings into Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Guatemala. Cash-based payments have proved to be resilient and still critical in LATAM, even through […]

PMI Americas is a leading financial technology company focused on payment solutions and business innovation. PMI, headquartered in Mexico, provides services throughout LATAM, the U.S, and Europe, from local offices in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Lima, Montevideo, and London.   PMI’s technology portfolio includes a global money transfer gateway, a software for e-commerce […]

The third annual Blockchain in Payments Report reveals that blockchain adoption is key to a successful growth strategy for financial institutions

Findings from Ripple’s Blockchain in Payments Report 2020. From Adoption To Growth. In the past 12 months, early blockchain adopters were more likely to report strong growth compared to other respondents.

Irish Scaling FinTech Pipit Global enters the lucrative cash-based Latin American market with a Strategic Alliance with PMI-Americas

PMI Americas and Pipit Global are delighted to announce a new partnership for the Latin America market. Consumers in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Guatemala will access the low-cost Pipit platform through our merchant partners. The new service will cater to the massive pent-up demand from customers who have historically been locked out […]

El boom de los neobancos en Latinoamérica: una oportunidad histórica para crecer

Latinoamérica es un mercado complejo de abordar para inversores acostumbrados a navegar aguas tranquilas. Actualmente, uno de los principales desafíos que encontramos en la región es la disparidad en materia de acceso a herramientas de inclusión financiera que efectivamente hacen difícil ofrecer productos y servicios a gran parte de la población.

Fintech PMI Americas takes on LATAM

Digital Payments have experienced huge growth in Latin America during COVID. Mainly because these are countries that rely heavily on cash for everyday transactions. During the Pandemic, local businesses have been forced to transition into digital payments, and fintechs were ready to serve. A combination of technology and banking relations, fintechs in general have become a bridge between banking sector and the under banked or unbanked consumers.

What Is B2B FinTech

Over the last few years, consumer fintech has been all the rage. And for good reason: consumer fintech startups have greatly improved the customer experience across many financial applications. This has led to a number of great outcomes including Intuit’s acquisition of Credit Karma for $7.1B earlier this year and Paypal’s acquisition of Honey for $4B at the end of ’19. And consumers are voting with their wallets: 14.2M Americans (6% of US adults with a checking account) now consider a challenger bank like Chime, Varo, etc to be their primary bank.

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