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Operating fintech’s, payment service providers, money transmitters, money service businesses, and other financial entities can be challenging. Including navigating the multiple licensing and regulatory environment , proper client due diligence, monitoring transactions, fraud, cyber-attacks, data protection, all while being efficient and competitive can become overwhelming.

Our team can help your business take charge of these critical tasks:

  • Payment solutions for local pay-outs, in local currency, with local rates.
  • Online merchant acquiring solutions for e-commerce looking to reach local customers.
  • Advising on e-commerce security protocols, tackling chargebacks, and fraud.
  • Structuring products and commercial arrangements to meet financial and other regulatory requirements.
  • Assisting clients in managing risks arising out of evolving payment and lending technologies.
  • Developing an API for easy integration to other technology platforms.
  • Developing your payment “core”, where clients, merchants, and vendors, can create accounts within your own system, and keep track of payments, commissions, and more.

Easy API Integration

API-integrations are everywhere in modern life, making it easy for businesses to share and exchange data.

Boarding API

Reporting API

Single Payment API

Server-side Libraries

E-Commerce Modules

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