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Colombian fintechs fill Latin American banking gaps

When it comes to smartphone apps, banks in Latin America have been behind the curve. Movizzon, a colombian Fintech Company, is helping them to change that.

The compay buys thousands of smartphones into which it installs two apps: its own, and that of its bank clients. Movizzon’s app than thakes control of the dummy phones, loggin into the banks’ apps every cupple of minutes and making transactions, like transfering money or paying off a credit card.

Why Mexico’s SMBs Need A FinTech Operating System

Emerging markets have their own challenges when it comes to banking. Online financial platforms, powered by open banking, can serve as alternatives for business banking in a country where business banking seems an afterthought.

Three key considerations for a successful Bank/FinTech partnership

When it comes to delivering those services, forward-thinking institutions like know that partnering with the right fintech can be the most effective and low risk way to develop innovative new services quickly.

How Bank and Fintech Partnerships are Redefining the Future of Banking

Can fintech and banking play nicely together? Although traditional banks might have once eyed fintech companies with concern or suspicion, the stance of traditional financial service providers seems to be evolving.

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