About Us:

PMI Americas S.A de C.V is a Mexico-based company, that specializes in international payments solutions. From servicing businesses around the globe to settle payment needs in Latin America, to providing online processing and cash collection payments for merchants looking to service clients locally in multiple countries. With offices in Mexico City and Bogota, Colombia, our company offers international business localized services throughout the Americas. Our team includes leaders of industry with decades of experience, from traditional banking, to cross-border remittances, pre-paid and credit cards, corporate financial strategy, an in-house compliance officer and legal and international tax experts.

Our Goal:

In a fast growing global tech economy that is evolving from traditional cross-border payments and banking, and shifting more towards digital payments, PMI Americas' main focus has been both on, helping traditional clients progress into a digital high-tech style of business, as well, as helping new clients create modern payment solutions for their cross-border and global payment needs.

We cannot ignore the revolution that is occurring in the global labor force, as a new "gig" economy is born and forms around the individual worker rather than the traditional corporate employee. A new generation of independent, self-employed, and proud "gig" workers are revolutionizing and disrupting all aspects of the labor force; but, getting independent workers paid around the world has become a major issue, especially those businesses that connect customer thru an app or e-commerce and offer freelancers a platform to sale their work and services.

At PMI Americas, we want to help bridge this need and offer a modern and up to date payment solution, for a modern independent work force.